An extra virgen olive oil organic and extraordinary

Oleoestepa Ecológico,
Perfil organoléico Oleoestepa Ecológico, aceite de oliva virgen extra


Organically produced extra virgin olive oil. This oil abounds in fruity green olive and sensory notes reminiscent of green almond, vegetables like artichoke, freshly cut grass and green olive leaf. Sweet on the palate, its mild bitterness and pungency are harmonious and well balanced.

This oil is ideal for green salads, soft cheeses and cold soups. Its high quality is guaranteed by the Estepa Protected Designation of Origin.


Although it is a novelty of the 2015-16 campaign, this organic extra virgin olive oil has already seen its high quality recognized in:

  • Ecotrama Gold Medal 2018.
  • Special Recommendation. BIOFACH International Ecological Food Fair 2017.

Available formats

Oleoestepa Ecológico,

Oleoestepa ecológico 500 ml

Oleoestepa ecológico 2,5 l


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