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Estepa PDO AdDesignation of Origin Estepa is currently one of the most awarded and recognized in the world for the quality of its extra virgin olive oils.

DOP Estepa is the strictest entity in certifying an extra virgin olive oil, hence many of its protected oils have substantial national and international awards. Its recognized olive juice comes from the region of Estepa and Puente Genil, a territory that has a long history and the expertise of over 4,500 olive families that remain faithful to the tradition of harvesting the best fruit each year to produce the most exquisite Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The varieties marked by the Designation of Origin Estepa (Hojiblanca, Arbequina, Selection and Estepa Virgin) stand out, among other things, due to their wealth of fruity aromas, whose scents are reminiscent of freshly cut grass and of green fruits (almonds, apple, banana, tomato, ...) In addition, all extra virgin Designation of Origin Estepa oils have a balance between sour and spicy, fundamental characteristics in a good oil, making it rich on the palate.

Designation of Origin Estepa has also gotten100% of its territory to follow integrated production methods, a set of techniques that guarantees the protection of the environment and food security.

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