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Egregio of Oleoestepa

Egregio, the organic extra virgin olive oil supported by the Designation of Origin Estepa, has been awarded first prize at the 2015 Biofach fair, the world’s leading event in organic farming, which was held in Nuremberg from February 11th to 14th.

This time it was the ‘Nuestra Senora de Purisima de Herrera’ cooperative, from the Oleoestepa cooperative group, which won the highest award in the world in terms of quality in organic extra virgin olive oil, which represents a type of double merit as this is the first campaign in which this entity has produced this type of oil.

This was also the same season in which the Designation of Origin Estepa has certified Egregio among their oils, which is a major premiere of this organic extra virgin olive oil among the brands supported by the entity.

Egregio is an organic extra virgin olive oil that comes primarily from ‘hojiblanca’ and ‘Picual’ olives. The entire process of extraction is carried out in the cold, keeping the organoleptic properties of the resulting extra-virgin olive oil intact.

The early harvest, when the olives are turning color, strongly influences a complex and balanced sensory profile, leaving it fruity with a variety of aromas reminiscent of green olives, with hints of ripe olives, fresh grass, green leaves, artichoke and green wooden branches. The itching and bitterness stand out when in the mouth, harmonious and balanced, while also being complemented by a touch of sweet.

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